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About our prices
All our prices are displayed in SEK (Swedish Krona). We sell used items and apply a profit margin instead of VAT. All prices are set by how the condition is on the object. 

Shipping costs
If you want us to ship as registered mail please email us att mjretro@live.se for correct amount (Sweden). Shipping cost outside Europe includes insurance and tracking number. 


1000 g   65 sek                                       

2000 g   99 sek

3000 g   145 sek                                       

5000 g   175 sek                                      

10000 g  235 sek  

15000 g  285 sek

20000 g  340 sek    


Denmark, Finland except The Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland

250 g   66 sek

500 g   98 sek                                          

1000 g  155 sek                                          

3000 g  187 sek

5000 g  231 sek

10000 g  290 sek

15000 g  330 sek

20000 g  390 sek


500 g    98 sek

1000 g  155 sek

2000 g  275 sek

5000 g  470 sek

10000 g 670 sek

Outside Europe

500 g   175 sek

1000 g  260 sek

2000 g  355 sek

3000 g  474 sek

5000 g  646 sek

10000 g 1100 sek

1. Bank Card
2. Paypal

Terms and Conditions
Shipping outside Europe includes the charge for registered mail in the shipping cost.
When we have received your payment your item(s) will be shipped. Delivery within Scandinavia takes approximately 2-5 days. 1-2 weeks worldwide. We use the Swedish Post office when we send our goods.

Return policy
You can return your item(s) within 14 days of having received it/them. The costumer is responsible for return postage. Please contact us for more detailed instructions on how to return your item(s). Do not send anything back without contacting us first! The item(s) should be in the same condition in which it/they were sent. We will refund you when we have received the item. If an item is damaged or lost during transport the costumer is responsible.

Costumer complaint
If there is any damage due to shipping, contact the post office, it is their responsibility to compensate you. If there are damages that are not expressed in the item description on our website, please contact us as soon as possible for information about how to return the item (Within 2 days).
We follow the guidelines of the Swedish Consumer Agency:www.konsumentverket.se

Feel free to contact us with any and all questions at mjretro@live.se

Happy Shopping!